Kinder’s Kitchen: My Baking Recipes

For everyone who loves to bake!

Like me, I love baking and cooking.

As a fulltime wife and mother, I spend most of my day in the kitchen cooking for my husband and the ones I love. But baking is something that makes me relax. When I feel the heat and the smell from cookies or cakes are baking in the oven. It was just like a heaven on earth to me.

But it’s much more fun when I bake with Rhonda, my 3 years old daughter. It such a pleasure when I see how excited she is. Cracked the eggs, shifted the flour, mixing all ingredients and all the mess we made, it is a happiness. The most important thing is you know what you’ve put in your cookies or cakes. Much safer for your children to eat.

I would like to share this very simple baking recipes with you. So, you can have a precious moment bonding with your beloved children.

I guarantee you that they are very easy to make and completely not complicated at all. And super delicious!

Let have a good time baking!

Lots of Love to everyone,

Mummy & Rhonda

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